The Car Scrappage Scheme

Old cars represent a threat to the environment. Ideally they should be scrapped and replaced by newer and more fuel efficient cars. This is one of the driving forces behind the car scrappage scheme created by the government. If you scrap an eligible car when you buy a new one you will receive a £2,000 discount off the OTR price. Although the idea sounds great, at Scrap Car Swanley we believe their are some problems with the scheme. For a start, you can only buy certain cars through the scheme when you scrap your old car. Plus, there are strict criteria that the car you are scrapping must meet. The government's requirements are listed below.

The scrap car you are trading in must:

  • Have been registered to you continuously for 12 calendar months
  • Be insured when you purchase your new vehicle
  • Be a small van or car weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes
  • Be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or Driver and Vehicle Agency in your name
  • Be registered on or before the 31st August 1999
  • Have a valid tax disc when you order your new car
  • Have a valid MOT (or within 14 days of expiry) on the old car at the time you order the new one
  • Have a United Kingdom address on the registration certificate (also known as V5C)

So as you can see the guidelines you have to meet to scrap your car under the scrappage scheme are quite extreme. Unfortunately, we've seen this lead to a lot of disappointed people in Swanley who were hoping to profit from scrapping their car.